Treorchy Comprehensive School


On Friday February 11th, 50 Year 9 pupils went back in time to explore the Titanic artefact exhibition at the O2, London.
Travelling past the sights and major landmarks of central London, the group eventually arrived at the O2 at lunchtime.  Here all pupils were issued with a replica boarding pass of a passenger from the fateful journey in April 1912.  Travelling through the exhibition they saw a reconstruction of a first class state room, a third class cabin and the Captain's bridge.  Artefacts brought up from the ship wreck included playing cards, crockery, letters and personal belongings of many passengers. Pupils had the chance to see part of the actual hull and to touch an iceberg.
At the end of the exhibition visitors checked on the passenger list to discover whether the person on their boarding pass survived the disaster.  After much time in the adjoining shop and exploring the O2 itself, pupils headed home.  It was a long journey both ways but as usual all pupils behaved impeccably and represented their school well at all times.