Treorchy Comprehensive School

The School Council at Treorchy is an effective forum where students are able to be actively involved in whole school decision making. It provides our students with a sense of responsibility and affords them the opportunity to have a real voice in school issues at all levels. The School Council has a real impact at Treorchy and has a track record of success. This has certainly been the case this year when, once again, the School Council has been busy.

You’re hired!
The School Council has played an important role in key appointments of staff this year. They have interviewed candidates for two assistant headteacher posts, two deputy headteacher posts and the new Headteacher, Mr Rhys Jones.
Making life taste better
SubCentral at Canteen 2 now offers vegetarian ‘subs’ after the School Council highlighted the need for more vegetarian options at lunchtime.
Developing Learning Communities
In October the school council from Ysgol Gymraeg Llangynwyd visited our school to see how pupil voice operates in Treorchy. Pupils from both schools thoroughly enjoyed the day and we hope to visit their school next term.
Every ‘pupil voice’ is heard
At the beginning of this academic year the School Council was eager to ensure every pupil voice in the school was heard. As a result, the School Council has worked with the School Improvement Group (SIG) to make the ‘pupil voice’ more representative of the whole school. Every term, members of the SIG interviewed a group of pupils within their subject area. The group included pupils from different year groups, different teaching groups, studying all the different courses offered within the subject. These interviews included discussions on level descriptors for pupils and the use of success criteria for assessed work along with favourite learning styles, homework, revision techniques, reducing the number of detentions, school trips and positive aspects of the learning environment. A selection of key points from these discussions has been fed back to the main school council and next year the School Council plan to work with departments and the SIG to look at ways of implementing some of these suggestions within and across all subjects. 
Diolch yn fawr!
The Head Boy (Elliot Howells) and Head Girl (Catrin Wigley) have led the school council superbly this year, including representing pupil voice at governing body meetings every term. We wish them the very best in their exams in the summer and in their university careers next year. Diolch yn fawr!