Treorchy Comprehensive School

A group of Year 9 pupils who had excelled in Science in Year 9 attended the University Glamorgan for a taster residential.  A total of 8 schools from South East Wales were invited to participate, and during their stay they experienced what life may be like when studying degree courses at University.

Each day they attended seminars and workshops for their chosen ‘course’ and all were involved in a chemistry lecture and team building exercises.  The courses on offer were varied included Sport and Physiology, Animation and Music Composition, and allowed the pupils to experience some of the Universities newly built academic venues, such as the playing fields where Cardiff Blues train and The Atrium in Cardiff.
Others on the Catering and Sustainability course visited the Cardiff market to purchase ingredients from sustainable resources, before returning to the state of the art premises produce their own menu and prepare a buffet they shared together on the last day.
All students successfully completed their ‘degree’ course and attended a Graduation Ceremony at the University, where they doffed their mortar boards and were awarded their degree certificates, complete with mortar boards.