Treorchy Comprehensive School

On the 20th June 22 Year 9 Pupils journeyed to London to experience a Drama and History trip focussing on the novel “War Horse” written by Michael Morpugio, here is Year 9 pupil Charlotte Bailey’s account of the trip:

“When I think of London, I see images of beautiful Georgian architecture, wrought iron fences, well-manicured parks and squares with arrays of neon lights, red phone booths and double decker buses. I instantly fell head over heels in love with this city during my most recent visit to London with Treorchy Comprehensive School.
During our first day we visited The National Army Museum, we were mesmerised by each of the soldier’s individual stories from the battlefields. They gave ma a true insight into how a soldier dealt with the complex situations they faced. Among the exhibits was the pencil-written scap of paper that launched the Charge of the Light Brigade in 1854, sending more than 600 men in the wrong direction to attach the Russian Army. I was fascinated by how this little piece of paper changed history and the lives of the 600 men instructed to depart on their misguided journey of defeat.
The highlight of my day has to be the spectacular display of “War Horse”. This has to be the best play I have ever seen. The theatrical experience made me walk out of the theatre exhilarated. The entire set was quite abstract; the basic elements of the place, the beautiful old-English folk music and the use of multimedia was brilliant and who can forget the beautiful horse puppets. They came to life as soon as you saw them on the stage, yet they were man made, not real/ The play really attacked all of my human emotions.
Our last destination of the trip was The Imperial War Museum. Our group were especially touched by the sorrowful stories of the Holocaust; we couldn’t comprehend how the Jewish community felt during this period of time.
On our journey back to school, we all stated that we will treasure these memories forever. We never would have been able to capture these memories without our two fantastic teachers, Miss. Jones (History) and Miss. Lewis (Drama).