Treorchy Comprehensive School

During October half term 55 Year 11, 12 and 13 pupils and 5 members of staff travelled across Europe, enduring an exhausting 22 hour coach journey before arriving in the Capital city of Germany, Berlin.

Once we arrived in Berlin we checked in for the night, and prepared ourselves for the packed day of sightseeing ahead of us! The next day we had a guided tour of Berlin which included incredible historical sites such as: the Story of Berlin exhibition, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Buildings, Topography of Terror and Checkpoint Charlie.
On the third day, we experienced the harrowing atmosphere of the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp and the Wannsee Conference Memorial and Museum. We were then lucky enough to spend our evening in the Hard Rock café, which was a highlight of the trip! Whereas others preferred the breath-taking scenes at the Olympic Stadium which played host to the 1936 games. Nevertheless, after our amazing day we returned to the hostel and packed up our things.
On our last day in Germany, we went on a short shopping trip before saying our goodbyes to Berlin, after only a short stay. After enduring another 22 hours on the coach we eventually arrived back to the School in the very early hours of the morning. Even though we were all glad to finally arrive home, we will all miss Berlin and remember the outstanding times we had there!
By Charlotte McDermott, Saffron Bowtell and Amy Hill.