Treorchy Comprehensive School


On Friday 13th July 2012, the Geography department of Treorchy Comprehensive School took 40 Year 9 pupils on an educational visit to Sorrento in southern Italy.

It was a late arrival after a full day of travel, but on reaching the picturesque water front setting of their hotel, the group could not have been happier. On the Saturday, the group were refreshed and ready to go. Pupils enjoyed a range of experiences including walking in the footsteps of the gladiators in the Amphitheatre in Naples, wandering around the ancient city of Pompeii and climbing the mighty Mt Vesuvius. The weather was scorching and each evening pupils enjoyed fine Italian Cuisine and had an opportunity to taste mouth-watering Italian ice cream.
One of the highlights of the visit was the trip to the Isle of Capri. The smooth Ferry crossing showed spectacular views of Sorrento and Mt Vesuvius. Upon arrival to Capri some pupils were a little anxious about the chair lift which takes you to the highest point - 1,932 feet. Although apprehensive at first, the breath taking views were enough to help them forget about being so high.
Another memorable part of the trip must be the visit to Solfatara volcano. Being stood in the crater of an active volcano was certainly an experience of a lifetime and something that pupils will never forget, partially because of the stench of the sulphur!
It was a jam packed week, and is something that the pupils of Treorchy are still talking (and boasting) about.