Treorchy Comprehensive School
Being there close to the 20th anniversary of the coming down of the Berlin wall, made it even more special, and the team spent an evening at Checkpoint Charlie as well as a morning at the largest section of the Berlin wall still remaining – the East Side Gallery.

 Pupils were proud to fly the Welsh flag at the Olympic Stadium and had a more sobering visit to Sacchsenhausen Concentration Camp and the house of the Wansee Conference. An evening at the Hard Rock cafĂ© and night visit to the Reichstag building were the highlights for some, whilst some preferred the quaint German town of Hamelin, and the stop in the Belgian chocolate factory!

Staff and drivers alike were totally impressed at the positive image of Treorchy Comprehensive School the pupils projected everywhere they visited. They were a credit to their school and as one pupil commented “I now totally understand all that stuff we’ve done in class!”