Treorchy Comprehensive School

45 pupils and teachers visited the historic city of Krakow over the half term period to experience some of the most emotional and humbling history Poland has to offer.

Pupils participated in the Schindler’s List tour of the city and it’s surrounds whilst learning about Jewish culture and the medieval streets of Krakow. A visit to Oscar Schindler’s factory and other key locations of the Steven Spielberg movie helped to deepen understanding of the tragedy of the Holocaust. An exciting trek 130 metres underground took everyone to the spectacular caverns of the salt mines.

The main item on the agenda was a full day at Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camps. Pupils and staff alike were overawed by the scale of the exterminations conducted during World War 2. Some sobering moments were shared by all whilst being expertly guided by locals and witnessing video footage of the liberation of the camp by the Russian army in 1945.

Pupils were commended for their excellent attitude and behaviour by all who came into contact with them. They represented their school and community in the best possible light and Connor Fogel even entertained a whole restaurant one evening in the Jewish Quarter with his superb piano playing.