Treorchy Comprehensive School

A fantastic week of e3+ activities took place during October Half Term. Lots of young people enjoyed what was on offer to them, including go-karting, horse-riding and animation. 
In a hotly contested morning of races, Jordan Jones (Yr 10) was triumphant at TeamSport Karting in Cardiff, as he clinched gold, while Jake Street and Keelan Murphy (Yr 8) took the silver and bronze medals respectively.
Meanwhile, a group of young people had a relaxing time at Green Meadow Riding Centre, learning how best to take care of their horses before taking them for a ride around the paddock.
Finally, a group of aspiring Nick Parks produced their own short animated films over a space of four days at Treorchy Comprehensive. They each created brilliant, colourful characters to star in their films about footballers, penguin referees, evil sorcerers and even mutant sheep! Their films will be available to view on You Tube very soon – don’t miss them! 
The e3+ Programme at Treorchy continues to offer new and exciting opportunities to local young people, which these comments made by the young people attest to…
“Go-karting was awesome”.
“I think Horse-riding went really well and I really enjoyed it”.
“Great fun, had a laugh”.
 “I enjoyed everything about animation”.
“I strongly agree that my confidence has grown by taking part in this activity”.
“I would recommend e3+ to my friends because it’s cool”.
For further information about e3+, please contact Hannah Davies, e3+ Co-ordinator, on 01443 778800 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..