Treorchy Comprehensive School

New Style Colour Coded Bus Passes
·        Weather permitted, from 6th December 2010, the Council in partnership with the school, will be issuing colour coded, route specific, bus passes for all entitled pupils travelling on school transport.
·        The colour of the bus pass will correspond with the coloured route sign located at the front of the vehicle.

What Are The Benefits Of The New Passes?
·        Pupils will be able to easily identify the bus they should be travelling on. 
·        The driver will be able to easily check that pupils are travelling on the correct bus. 
·        The risk of overcrowding will be removed as pupils without the correct colour coded bus pass will not be allowed to board the vehicle. 
What Does This Mean For The Pupils Of Treorchy?
·        Pupils will be expected to carry their bus pass at all times and show it to the driver each time they board the vehicle.
What If A Pupil Forgets Their Bus Pass?
·        As of the 13th December 2010, the Council in conjunction with the school and the transport operators will be enforcing a NO PASS NO TRAVEL policy.
·        This means that any pupil trying to board without a valid pass for that vehicle will be refused transport and will need to make their own way to or from school. No exception will be made to this policy.