Treorchy Comprehensive School
Over the past academic year, a number of e3+ pupils have had the opportunity to take part in the Mathletics programme to compete in online Mathletics competitions against mathletes from around the world.
Mathletics is an ICT based program that helps to develop skills in numeracy and problem solving, as well as raising confidence in all areas of mathematics for the pupils who attend.  We are pleased to announce that four pupils, Keelan Murphy, Emily Rees, Declan Williams and William Grenter have ranked amongst the top 100 mathletes in the UK.
Mathletics pupils Keelan Murphy and Joshua Roberts said:  “This makes maths fun and is just like playing a computer game, our maths skills have improved because of mathletics”.  Well done to all of the pupils involved!
If you are a Yr 7 or 8 pupil and would like to join our Mathletics club, please come to the e3+ Office to sing up.