Open Evening


An Open Evening for students who would like to enrol in 2023.

  • Year 11 students who wish to join us from other schools 4pm-5pm
  • Year 6 students  5.30pm-7.30pm

Additional Information for Parents

Induction Week

As a school, we maintain high levels of contact with parents. The Pastoral team will often write to parents, contact them by telephone or invite them in to discuss issues of importance about their child’s welfare and progress. Likewise, we encourage parents to contact us if they have any concerns they would like to discuss. There are regular Parents’ Evenings throughout the school year where parents can speak to their child’s subject teachers.

Year 7 Groupings

Year 7 students are traditionally divided into learning coach groups, teaching groups for core subjects and humanities and languages. These are mixed ability groups that reflect our comprehensive intake. These groupings are also an opportunity to make new friends with young people from different primary schools.

Contact Us

For further information, please contact Joanna Johns on (01443) 773128

Contact us by email at

Follow us on Twitter at Headteacher@treorchycomp